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Recipe for Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums

Now that we have plenty of time on our hands why not try out a fun cookie recipe inspired by Disney’s Incredibles. Here is a Recipe for the famous Num Num Cookies that Jack Loves.

You can also find them at Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park in Pixar Pier.   

When visiting Disneyland you can venture out to Disney’s California Adventure Theme Park to Pixar Pier. Either before or after a ride on the Incredicoaster, stop at the Jack-Jack Num Nums Cookie Kiosk and you can enjoy a warm Jack-Jack Num Num Cookie. The Num Num Cookie is pretty large so you can probably share it too. Alos be sure to try one of the other two cookie options at this kiosk. The Incredicookie (Gluten Friendly) and the Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie. Don’t forget to add a nice cold glass of Milk to finsih off your filling sweet treat. Click here to learn more about Disneyland’s California Adventure Theme Park and what adventures await. 

Menu from jack-jack cookie num nums kiosk

Jack-Jack Cookie Num Num

warm Chocolate Chip Cookie – $6.00

The IncrediCookie

Gluten-friendly Blackberry Jam-filled Cookie – $6.00


Jack-Jack Shortbread Cookie

Brittany Shortbread Cookie – $6.00


Nestlé® NESQUIK® Chocolate Milk, Vanilla Almond Milk, soy milk, 1% milk for $2.25 and Dasani Bottled Water for $4.25
So be sure to try out Jack-Jacks Cookie Num Nums recipe to enjoy at home. Or if you would like to enjoy the real thing and take a future trip to the Disneyland Resort in California contact me for a no obligation quote. Click the button below. 





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